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So What Are Your Brussels Sprouts?

The Brussels Sprout

Social Media has become intertwined with the business market of today. This means businesses need to provide products or services that are exciting and unique in order to entice people to share the news. I had a recent dining experience that proved this fact to be true.

Living in the Tri-State area, there is certainly no shortage of restaurants to choose from regardless of  what your preferences or needs may be.  The biggest challenge seems to be trying to create a short list that narrows your selection down to a few places that cater to your food, atmosphere, location and price preferences. Luckily there are tools such as Eater, NY Magazine, Zagat, Foodspotting, Facebook,& Foursquare  that can help a diner create their short list.  Recently I added a wonderful Lebanese place to my final list, by the name of Ilili located in the Gramecy Park/Flatiron section of Manhattan, and I learned about it from someone on Twitter.

Now I will admit that I do follow and know several “foodies” in the NY Metro area, but it was actually a friend of mine who works at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) that first suggested IlIli. The recommendation was seconded by another Twitter follower who chimed in with rave reviews about the Brussels sprouts.  While Brussels sprouts are certainly an acquired taste that may not cause most people to rush into a restaurant, I happen to like them. The chef at Ilili is outstanding at preparing them and in my opinion could change almost anyone’s mind about these little cabbages.

My fellow diners and I really enjoyed the Brussels sprout dish at Ilili which were accompanied by grapes, walnuts, a fig puree, & mint yogurt. It was actually the highlight of my meal, and my inspiration to write this blog post.   I could have easily picked any of a number of 26 rated restaurants in the Zagat listings, but I took a risk and I relied on my network to lead me in the right direction. This time, it certainly paid off in spades.

Amazing food and extremely friendly and attentive staff. I’m definitely coming back. Thank you!…From a patron posted on the Ilili Facebook wall

The restaurant’s core concepts appear to provide excellent service and to offer a great product and allows word of mouth in the social networks to do the rest. This is very transparent when you see how the positive feedback found in the social networks is driving business into the restaurant just like it did with my friends and I.   Ilili is an excellent example of a business that allows its network to do the marketing for it. Ilili has a Facebook page and you can follow them on Twitter to stay connected with their happenings and to see what others are saying. So I ask you this question…What are your Brussels sprouts?

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